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hart_jillCustomer experience is the convergence of marketing, advertising, design, innovation and cognitive processing.  The experience may be positive or negative but how your customer feels and what they think while interacting with your product, system or process impacts is what they remember, and often determines whether they’ll be back for a second visit.  The elements that contribute to creating the optimal customer experience are summed up in the discipline called Experience Design and it’s my professional passion.

Throughout my life, I have always questioned:  why?  I earned by a BA in Psychology as a result and went on to start a career in Advertising and Marketing.  People have often asked how I ever made the transition from Psychology into Marketing.  I’ll tell you today focusing my undergraduate studies in Psychology is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  It’s been a primer for my understanding human behavior and has enabled me to easily view the world from many perspectives.

As I navigated through my career I discovered enjoyment working with technology.  I landed in the Insurance industry as a Claims Adjuster and within a year joined the Systems Team and moved into the role of Trainer.

As a trainer I was responsible for teaching groups of learners how to use an antiquated ‘green screen’ claims tracking system.  Many course participants had never used a computer to complete their work so the thought of using one was scary. Course participants often arrived to class stressed and uncertain about how they were going to cope with the impending transition.  An important part of my job became the ability to empathize and reassure participants that by the end of training, they would successfully be navigating the ‘new’ computer system.

My years as a trainer enabled me to tap my roots in psychology and gain an understanding of the unique plight of the adult learner.  These experiences demonstrated the human impacts of poorly designed systems and highlighted the undeniable value of ‘customer centered’ design.  They were the foundation for the next decade of my career and academic pursuits in Human Computer Interaction and designing for optimal customer experiences.

During the past decade I earned two masters degrees, one in teaching with technology (MAT) and the other in Management (MSM).  My concentration while earning the degrees was on the study of human interaction with products and technology.  I researched topics like the ROI of the investment in customer centered design and unexpected impacts of poorly designed products.  I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to study under and, for two years teach with, Dr. Steve Fadden.  His endless passion for good design fueled my own, and for that I am forever grateful.

Earning Project Management Certification (PMP) in 2008 became a valuable asset in leading successful new development projects. In addition, I had the great pleasure to teach courses in Human Computer Interaction for 5 years, at the Marlboro Graduate School. 

Since those early days of my career, my passion for developing solutions, products and processes that respond the way customers expect continues to be fueled.  Everyday I look forward to working with teams to help them discover the value and ROI of designing products, systems and processes that deliver the optimal experiences to the people who interact with them.  

The pioneering days of customers willingly using cumbersome products and technology are gone. Today the customer expectation is ‘ease of use’. The experts at Brain Logic are ready to pave the path to ‘ease of use’ for your customers.

Jill Hart
Brain Logic, LLC