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NH UXPA: The Buy-in Struggle

Thu 02.15.2018
06:00 to 08:00
Jupiter Hall
89 Hanover Street Manchester, NH
Web Site:
Research can be a lot like Kevin McCAllister from the movie, Home Alone. Kevin was a child that simply existed. His parents and family recognized his presence and place within their family. He was considered a bit of a nuisance. He was left behind, on several occasions, but was always resourceful. He made the best of what he was given and carved his own way to recognition. He kept his focus on the emotional and physical aspect of his home and protected it in the family’s absence.
Point for point, research seems to face similar challenges.  How can it be a meaningful and valuable member of the family? Many situations prevent buy-in, confusing the value that research represents. Research can be considered a burden, being perceived as “more work”. How can this perception be stopped? As always, in any discussion, there are two sides to the story. If we as a discipline want more inclusion, then we must clearly communicate how we expect others to
change, but additionally, be willing to change ourselves.
Meena Kothandaraman will lead a discussion on strategies for increasing research activity buy-in. She will use a scenario-based approach to discuss the role of the business, and where shortcomings exist. She will also discuss
the role of the researcher, and where the discipline focused on human insights and human-centeredness must “up its game”.
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